Harrop FDFI2300 Supercharger VE - VF
Harrop FDFI2300 Supercharger VE - VF

Harrop FDFI2300 Supercharger VE - VF

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The Harrop FDFI (front drive - front inlet) supercharger kit offers the latest in supercharger technology, engineered here at Harrop HQ utilising the same Eaton TVS™ system as featured on the ZR1 Corvette and the ZL1 Camaro.

The traditional transfer shaft as seen in all previous Harrop supercharger kits has been removed to make the FDFI supercharger system much quieter while offering more efficient power delivery and having less serviceable parts. Although the supercharger drive shaft now runs through the FDFI’s inlet area, there is no compromise on performance of the system, as the inlet area has been made larger than previous HTV series superchargers.

Other upgrades to the FDFI supercharger include the latest in cooling systems, with the inclusion of the twin pass intercooler cores in the manifold, which reduces inlet air temperature at a faster rate without compromising cooling system efficiency, the inclusion of an improved intercooler water pump and shorter intercooler system routing which provides greater efficiency and a cleaner engine bay look.

Furthermore, exclusive to the Harrop FDFI supercharger kit is the Harrop FDFI OTR intake system, this system allows the supercharger to receive a direct feed of air from the front of the vehicle creating the opportunity for previously untapped supercharger potential.

FDFI 2300 Supercharger Kit Includes

  • High efficiency 2300 front drive supercharger
  • Harrop air to water intercooler kit
  • All brackets, belts and tensioners
  • Harrop OTR cold air induction kit
  • High flow Injectors


Vehicle Applications: Holden Commodore, VE - VF, including H.S.V. variants.